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Is this natural?

16 Dec

Is Death Natural?

Transhumanist, claim that mortality and religion is a model which was created by humans. They do not agree on the fact, that life is limited and immortality is just an illusion. Nor do they agree that, an extended life can only be attained in heaven or after death, in fact, for them death is old fashioned or even primitive and needs abolishment.

As transhumanists are questioning the future of human, at least the direction in which human being will develop and evolution will proceed, it brings to light moral, religious and philosophical belief systems and for a great part ethical concerns regarding tampering with nature, human nature and what is considered (at least in the Western World understanding) as natural.


Introduction: What is Transhumanity?

14 Dec

The definition says: Transhumanity is an international cultural movement, supporting the use of science and technology to enhance human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. Aspects of human condition such as, disability, suffering, diseases, ageing, incurable ailments and involuntary death are considered as unnecessary. Tranhumanist try to use biotechnologies and other emerging technologies to explore the field.

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