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Guest Post: Challenges and opportunities for synthetic biology

30 Jan

In an quite interesting article of spanish experts in respect of synthetic biology and transhumanism, some visions and outlooks are given concerning synthetic biology and gen altering.

Computing is an appropriate formal to describe and reproduce biological phenomena.

There are several views on the matter, one of them considers biological phenomena as systems of interacting components that can be analysed and simulated with increasing detail at both the level of components and the level of the whole system.

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Your guest post on our Blog?

10 Jan

Since the topic of transhumanity deals with our future we want to hear your opinion about it. We are giving YOU a chance to post an article about your point of view about the topic of transhumanity on our blog. Just share your opinion with the rest of the world and become a part of the discussion.

If you are interesting in a guest post on our blog just send an e-mail to eman2060@googlemail.com

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