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The Waiting Room | Our film about a post-human society

4 Feb

It’s finally here … we are proud to show you the video we have worked on the last few weeks. Thank you for help.

It is a time where people are able to enhance their abilities and knowledge by implementing chips into their bodies. The film explains a possible future of a post-human society.


Implants and the extended body

15 Jan

Like we have mentioned in our last post … here’s our article on ‘Body Enhancement‘. Please read through it and become a part of the discussion by sharing your opinion with us.

One vision of transhumanity is extending the human body. For example with artificial limbs, or implanted chips. When will humanity be able to extend a body. When will we be able to do what ever we want, when ever we want? A human is to be able to overcome his/her shortcomings. One of our visions is the implant of chips. This chips enable you to adopt any skill or feature you might want to acquire. Running as fast as Usain Bolt will be able, or swimming as fast as Michael Phelps. Or maybe you want to play Basketball like Michael Jordan. Only premise will be that you are already in kind of good shape. But maybe you don’t want physical skill but practical skills like talking another language or sing like a star. By implanting the chip, it builds up a connection with your brain. In our brain there are certain areas that allow us to perform in a special way when activated. The chip will directly activate this areas and make the yet impossible possible.

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What’s next? The future of our project.

13 Jan

Within the last couple of weeks one specific topic has interested/excited us the most out of the discussions on our blog … Body Enhancement.

Now in the following weeks we want to focus on everything that is releated to that topic. In the next two days we are about to post an article about our view on enhancing your body on our blog. We would like you to become a part of the discussion and help us to analyze the pros and cons of Body Enhancement.

Based on our following discussion we are planning a video and a prototype that are going to illustrate our results. The next week are going to be really fun and we hope that you are a part of it.

Limitless: Movie Trailer

7 Jan

The whole concept of this new movie seems quit interesting. It deals with one of the subjects of transhumanity that we want to focus on.

Here are a few sentences for you to know what the movie is all about:

Limitless, a paranoia-fueled action thriller about an unpublished writer whose life is transformed by a top-secret smart drug that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself. His enhanced abilities soon attract shadowy forces that threaten his new life in this darkly comic and provocative film.

What is your opinion about increasing your intelligence by for example using such ‘drugs’ or implementing little chips into your brain?

Where is this way going?

22 Dec

Posthuman is a signal word. The merging of human and machine is clear to those who research and survey the area. Machines are becoming more organic, self-modifying, intelligent and independent. Humans may be possible to upload his/her selves from a biological body into synthetic brains.

Nevertheless it describes the relationship between human and nature. We adopt certain skills, technologies, wisdom because we need it to survive in nature. The exploring of possible transitional existence of human species has been and still continues to be of primary interest to anthropologists and philosophers within and outside the intellectual movement of transhumanism. Transhumanist see transhumans as the “earliest manifest of new evolutionary being”, including mental augmentations, protheses, reconstructive surgery, intensive use of telecommunication, and a rejection of traditional values. In theory the posthuman or transhuman therefore is a speculative being that represents or at least tries to refurbish of what is generally conceived of as human. As a result, the posthuman is not necessarily human in first place, it is much more an embodied medium trough which critical conciousness is manifested.

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Critical analysis of Transhumanism

19 Dec

We have found this very good video that deals with a brief critical analysis of the transhumanist movement and the intention behind being ‘posthuman’.

One of the topics we want to focus on is the use of neurochips (computer chips that are connected directly to the brain). With the use of such neurochips you are able to increase your intelligence and you can turn the human brain into a super computer. sounds good at the first moment but there are a lot of questions behind it.

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The future of your body?

17 Dec

Introduction: What is Transhumanity?

14 Dec

The definition says: Transhumanity is an international cultural movement, supporting the use of science and technology to enhance human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. Aspects of human condition such as, disability, suffering, diseases, ageing, incurable ailments and involuntary death are considered as unnecessary. Tranhumanist try to use biotechnologies and other emerging technologies to explore the field.

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