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SARCOS – Half human, half robot

1 Feb

The next generation soldier?


What’s next? The future of our project.

13 Jan

Within the last couple of weeks one specific topic has interested/excited us the most out of the discussions on our blog … Body Enhancement.

Now in the following weeks we want to focus on everything that is releated to that topic. In the next two days we are about to post an article about our view on enhancing your body on our blog. We would like you to become a part of the discussion and help us to analyze the pros and cons of Body Enhancement.

Based on our following discussion we are planning a video and a prototype that are going to illustrate our results. The next week are going to be really fun and we hope that you are a part of it.

Your guest post on our Blog?

10 Jan

Since the topic of transhumanity deals with our future we want to hear your opinion about it. We are giving YOU a chance to post an article about your point of view about the topic of transhumanity on our blog. Just share your opinion with the rest of the world and become a part of the discussion.

If you are interesting in a guest post on our blog just send an e-mail to

Ray Kurzweil: The Mind and How to Build One

2 Jan

Ray Kurzweil on “The Mind and How to Build One” presentation by the Singularity Institute on Vimeo.

Hello Word

2 Dec

What is e-Man 2060? Stay tuned for more information …

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