The Future of Robotics: Robots that are going to take over our world!

5 Jan

Robots are already able to learn. They are able to build other robots and these robots are able to work together. At the moment we can only build robots that are working under human control. But Scientists are already working on machines that are independent-minded and reproducing themselves.

Robots that can come up with duplicates of their own might take over world domination one day. If one robot builds an identical version of its own you have got two. Now when these two build two other robots you have got four robotos, and so on. From this moment on the first replica has came into existence you are not able to stop them. A prototype of a robot that duplicates itself is already existing. If you are giving it the building blocks it needs, the robot is able to put together a replication of itself. But he is still depending on human interference by getting the matching building block from us.

The process of Robotic can also have a negative impact on our world. Robots are theoretically able to reproduce themselves out of control as an example. Follow this interesting scenario:

In order that robots can reproduce themselvs they need food like energy and raw materials. The more food is available to them, the more copies they are able to create. The biggest source of food on our planet is the planet itself. The biggest natural raw material of th earth is stone. If you build a robots that needs stone as food to reproduce itself there are six trillion tons of food available to them. If these robots would work together with the intention to breed by reproducing themselves our planet would be in danger. Over time our planet would be destroyed because there won’t be any stone left over.

Imagine this scenario … human vs. robots! We are not able to win against these breeding robots because from minute to minute there would be more and more of them.

source: [Planeten-Killer – Die Erde im Visier]


We think this is a good example of how cohabitation with robots could end up/look like. To us the movie seems not to unreal, it actually seems a little too imaginable and real. The only thing we keep asking ourselves, will robots really be fragile “brass shapes”? If we will be so sophisticated, we are sure there will be other materials, more efficient and versatile materials, material that can adopt shapes and adapt to any kind of surrounding and purpose.

4 Responses to “The Future of Robotics: Robots that are going to take over our world!”

  1. Lars January 6, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    What could let robots become a threat to humanity is a combination of what is mentioned in the article, the ability to replicate itself and an AI, which is able to recursively enhance its abilities.
    As soon as humans manage to build a Seed AI, a robot or a program that is able to recursively enhance itself without outside help, the future technical development can no longer be forseen. If we reach technical singularity our fate will be in the hands of superintelligent machines and we have to hope that they don’t consider us a threat.

  2. Robert January 8, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    I think that humans would become a problem for the robots. Not because we would be a danger for them, but we would be unnecessary for them. I think that the robots will not have feelings. Since feelings can be an obstacle. So the robots would have no remorse to eliminate us, if we were in their way or if we would have something they need.

    • Aiden August 23, 2012 at 9:05 am #

      I guess you are right


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