Where is this way going?

22 Dec

Posthuman is a signal word. The merging of human and machine is clear to those who research and survey the area. Machines are becoming more organic, self-modifying, intelligent and independent. Humans may be possible to upload his/her selves from a biological body into synthetic brains.

Nevertheless it describes the relationship between human and nature. We adopt certain skills, technologies, wisdom because we need it to survive in nature. The exploring of possible transitional existence of human species has been and still continues to be of primary interest to anthropologists and philosophers within and outside the intellectual movement of transhumanism. Transhumanist see transhumans as the “earliest manifest of new evolutionary being”, including mental augmentations, protheses, reconstructive surgery, intensive use of telecommunication, and a rejection of traditional values. In theory the posthuman or transhuman therefore is a speculative being that represents or at least tries to refurbish of what is generally conceived of as human. As a result, the posthuman is not necessarily human in first place, it is much more an embodied medium trough which critical conciousness is manifested.

So do we really have to regard transhumanity as the new “natural”? When will be able, in case we will be able, to overcome our selves and seek for new complex structures to be more effective in our living. Ageing and growing old, so far victimizes all humans, but from the transhuman view, it is not acceptable and death is just an imposition on human race. For some parts we are already posthuman, because 100 – 50 years ago, our ancestors couldn’t imagine to have artificial limbs protheses or even electronic ears. Are we going to be


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