Critical analysis of Transhumanism

19 Dec

We have found this very good video that deals with a brief critical analysis of the transhumanist movement and the intention behind being ‘posthuman’.

One of the topics we want to focus on is the use of neurochips (computer chips that are connected directly to the brain). With the use of such neurochips you are able to increase your intelligence and you can turn the human brain into a super computer. sounds good at the first moment but there are a lot of questions behind it.

How can you get such chips? How much will they cost? Is everybody able to get such chips? If not. Isn’t this another form of separating society? Do you want to become an ‘Übermensch’?

On this blog we want to answer such questions by checking the pros and cons of Transhumanity.

One Response to “Critical analysis of Transhumanism”

  1. Marius December 20, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    this is truly a very interesting documentary.
    Short but significant. To my opinion the have proved some good points, e.g. with the fact, that such technologies will not be available for the common citizen, or that we are driven by established minds of thought.

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